Cardiovascular Disease, The No. 2 Killer!
Cardiovascular disease is a general term used to describe heart and blood vessel diseases where the heart, brain (cerebrovascular disease) and body tissues suffer from ischemic or haemorrhagic disease. It is caused by factors such as high blood cholesterol (hyperlipidaemia), high blood viscosity atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. Cancer is followed by cardiovascular disease as the no. 2 killer or leading cause of death especially among the middle-aged of over 50 years old. Moreover, there is a decreasing trend in the age of cardiovascular disease occurrence where patients in their 20s are common.
Have you ever heard that:
Blood vessel obstruction occurs although cholesterol level is not too high?
Stroke occurs although there is no high blood pressure?
Western medical science is unable to answer these questions. After years of clinical trials, it was found that blood viscosity and the human body’s ability to dissolve blood clots are closely related to vascular occlusion and stroke.
Guan Mai Ling’s herbal medicine can effectively:
Reduce high blood pressure, lipids and sugar
Prevent and treat cerebral thrombosis (stroke early stage)
Prevent and treat coronary heart disease (myocardial infarction or heart attack)
Improve atherosclerosis condition (blood vessel obstruction), soften blood vessels
Reduce blood concentration and viscosity
Improve blood clot dissolution, prevent thrombus formation
ounteract excessive bleeding or haemorrhage, side effects of long term consumption of anticoagulants
Counteract sexual dysfunction, side effects of long term consumption of western high blood pressure medicationr
Improve blood circulation in microvascular blood vessels, prevents platelet aggregation
Improve quality of sleep
Improve habitual constipation condition
Serve as health care product after cardiovascular surgery
Goal of Huo Luo Oil
Huo Luo Oil is a medicinal ointment made of “0” side effect pure Chinese medicinal herbs. Its goal is to reduce the patient’s consumption of western pain killers (steroids) and its harmful effects. On top of being effective, * Huo Luo Oil also relieves pain faster than western pain killers:


Relaxes or widens blood vessels (vasodilation), promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles and tendons, relieves swelling and pain.


Wod Lok Capsule
Invigorate the liver and the kidney, strengthen the bones and muscles, easing joint movement, relieve impediment pain.
[Suitable For]
Rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, muscular soreness
Weakness of limbs flexion and extension (sequelae of stroke)
Knees arthralgia, soreness and weakness of waist and knees
Outgrowth of bone that occur along the edges of a bone (bone spur)
Numbness in hands and feet, muscle rigidity, physical retardation, postural instability and etc.
Improve frequent urination and urinary retention
Improve high levels of uric acid and gout problem
Improve Parkinson's disease physiologic tremor
“Wod Lok Capsule main functions are meridian dredging, strengthen the bones and muscles, easing joint movement, invigorate the liver and the kidney and relieve impediment pain.”
Effectively improve or treat chronic pain caused by poor blood circulation. (Fake bone spur)
Effectively shrink down the bone spurs, the course of treatment will be long.
Effectively improve or treat severe arm numbness (the best to consume with Guanmaining)
Post stroke movement disorders can be improved or treated within a month. (Follow with acupuncture or physiotherapy for better results)
In addition, users will feel suffice of spleen and stomach energy, waist and leg strength are much stronger, gradually increase to more vigorous efforts and etc.


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